• 100 Years
    Harry Sprague '21, an early graduate of DBI, made his life as a traveling evangelist to the mountain states. Gillian Foster '14, CCU valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar, earned a triple major in Business, Global Studies, & Political Science; she is pursuing a career in international development.
  • 100 Years: Spiritual Formation
    Chapel has always been a part of the CCU story. Above: Western Bible Institute students attend chapel at the Foothills Campus. Below: Today, nearly 1,200 students meet every Tuesday and Thursday for chapel services to enhance their spiritual growth.
  • 100 Years: Christ-Centered Community
    Our community of students, faculty, and staff remains committed to honor and obey Jesus Christ, who is present in Spirit and speaks in Scripture, and to advance God’s purposes in the lives of every member. Left: Rockmont students in their dorm room; Right: CCU students in their on-campus apartment!
  • 100 Years: Engagement with the World
    CCU recognizes the need for an environment that fosters evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship modeled after Christ's example. We've sent over 175 short-term missionary teams throughout the U.S. and to more than 45 countries. The teams serve others who are in need and share God's love.
  • 100 Years: Grace and Truth
    In ten decades, what began as a one-room school with two students and a single teacher has become a fully accredited university enrolling over 5,000 students.The time has come to build the foundation for the next 100 years of CCU’s story, remembering our history of Grace and Truth.
  • CCU is celebrating its centennial!

    Celebrating 100 Years of God's Faithfulness

    In the fall of 1914, Clifton Fowler launched a tiny school with a bold vision. Denver Bible Institute opened in a renovated plumbing shop, with just a stove, a piano, a teacher’s desk, and a few chairs. Two full-time students joined Fowler in those first days, but Fowler’s vision has multiplied many times over.

    Denver Bible Institute transitioned to a liberal arts college in 1945, becoming Rockmont College a few years later. In 1985, Rockmont merged with Western Bible College, and in 1989 with Colorado Baptist University.

    Now, Colorado Christian University educates more than 5,000 students. Our education models range from a residential campus in Lakewood, Colorado, to adult and graduate programs delivered at regional centers and through global online programs.

    Colorado Christian University is pleased to announce the release of CCU: The First 100 Years. In this wonderful book, Dr. Janet Black recounts the story of how God has given favor to Colorado Christian University over and over again. Sometimes against formidable odds, the University has survived and prospered and is gaining national recognition. .

    Whether you are a part of one of our heritage schools or a friend of CCU, we invite you to join with us in celebrating 100 years of God’s faithfulness!

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