Disinherit the IRS

CCU's Office of Development presents family wealth counselor Joseph Sturniolo in a free seminar on how to "Disinherit the IRS". The seminar will be offered on Tuesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 26 at CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies Center in Colorado Springs.

Learn how to funnel money into the Kingdom instead of secular sources like the federal government.
  • The New Fiscal Cliff Tax Law Impacts You, Your Taxes, And Your Lifestyle!
  • Maximizing your Kingdom Giving while maintaining your current lifestyle.
  • Your IRAs and 401(k)s Are Still Targeted For Double Taxation… And How You Can Avoid It!
  • You Can Use Your “Hidden Assets” To Create Substantial Income Tax Deductions!
  • You Can Create An Income You Can’t Outlive… And Leave A Lasting Legacy To Favorite Charities!
  • You Can Bypass Capital Gains Taxes The Way Ted Turner, Disney And Others Have!
  • Passing an Appropriate Inheritance that will bless and not curse your heirs.
  • You Can Eliminate Estate Taxes!
  • The Courts Are Using The 41,000 Lawsuits Filed Each Day To Redirect Wealth...And What You Can Do!
  • You Can Use A Zero Estate Tax Plan To Pass More Wealth...And Much More!

About Your Speaker

Joseph S. Sturniolo
Family Wealth Counselor

Joe SturnioloMr. Sturniolo is an educator, author, speaker and Family Wealth Counselor. He has spent decades helping Christian Families develop, implement, and then live out their Strategic Master Plans allowing them to maximize all that God has entrusted to them. His biblical knowledge coupled with his expertise in sophisticated estate planning qualifies him to authoritatively write, teach and counsel on biblical stewardship for Christian Families.

A featured panelist for both the Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News, Joe was also a regular columnist for the Catholic Register and The Villager Newspaper. For many years his was the voice during morning and afternoon commutes providing market analysis and economic commentaries for KNUS, KHOW, and KVOD in Denver. He has been interviewed by numerous reporters for his expertise and appeared as a guest commentator nationwide for more than 30 radio stations exploring such topics as: Finding your God given purpose in life and defining your legacy, as well as helping listeners understand the “Why” in wealth planning. Published in The Wall Street Journal, Investment Advisor Magazine, and in Financial Planning Magazine, he continues to share his methodology and customized solutions to Family Wealth Counseling.

Joe currently works through Stewardship Ministries and Kardia Family Wealth Counseling, helping Christian charities create development programs that bless their donors, teaching them the concept of stewardship (God’s ownership) as one of the most exciting and life-transforming concepts in the entire Bible. Stewardship Ministries is committed to helping believers understand and apply this compelling truth, transforming every area of their lives – home, careers and church. Kardia Family Wealth Counseling helps Christian Families see the heart of God in their wealth planning.

Joe has an undying passion for showing Christian Families how to effectively maximize their remaining time, employ their unique talents, and strategically deploy their accumulated treasures to expand and support the Kingdom of God. Joe provides his audience with powerful information that teaches you how to be biblically “shrewd” with your wealth so that you can reduce your estate and capital gains tax to -0- and reduce the taxation on your income.

What Some of the 15,000 Attendees are Saying:

  • “The best I've attended.” C.T. "Ted"
  • “Excellent! A 10!” Mark and Cindy
  • “Simple and understandable!” Bill, Jr.
  • “Good learning experience.” Pete
  • “Good visual effects.” John and JoJo
  • “Pleasantly surprised.” Peggy
  • “Clear and concise.” Rick
  • “Very enlightening.” Paul and Millie
  • “A step-by-step plan.” Susan
  • “Very well broken down.” Hank
  • “I had no idea what a beneficial impact this would have on my family’s future” Joseph
  • “The multiplication process...is what I believe is very much in line with the way God's Kingdom principles work.” Bob

Registration Information

The seminar will be offered on both June 24 and June 26 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Seats are free, but limited. Please RSVP below to reserve your space!


CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies Center in Colorado Springs
1125 Kelly Johnson Blvd. Suite 105, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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