CCU Spotlights

Lance Oversole

Lance  Oversole

Global Studies; Business and Leadership minors
Class of 2006

CCU faculty and staff were instrumental in preparing me for life after college. After graduation, I was surrounded by individuals who were willing to write letters of recommendation, give advice or simply listen and provide encouragement. The CCU leadership program provided me with an internship for credit that developed into a job with the State House of Representatives. Additionally, the leadership positions I held were crucial in developing my skills and abilities as a leader and challenging me in new ways.

Over my four years at CCU I learned to investigate everything and make it my own, including my faith. I had the opportunity to choose whether or not to believe something. I discovered more about myself and also learned to appreciate the diversity of others. CCU taught me that it is important for everyone to investigate what they truly believe and what their core convictions are. Additionally, while at CCU, I came to value the importance of integrating my faith with my role in various aspects of society.

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