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Dr. William Saxby

Dr. William Saxby

Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences; Professor of Psychology
School of Humanities and Sciences

  • Ph.D. Psychology (University of Vermont)
  • M.A. Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • B.A. Psychology (University of Vermont)


Phone: 303-963-3124

The School of Humanities and Sciences offers a diverse array of majors and minors, from Science and English to Psychology. Each program incorporates cutting-edge research, in-class discussions and hands-on assignments that will challenge you to become a leader in your chosen discipline.

Every academic department within the School of Humanities and Sciences strives to serve students both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Our professors are accomplished scholars, but they are also concerned with each individual student. They often go out of their way to get to know students and develop mentoring relationships that have a significant impact on their lives.

Regardless of what you choose to study, we are here to help you succeed by equipping you with the knowledge, skills and experiences you need to accomplish your goals.CCU students excel because of their diversity of opinion and the desire to learn. Moreover, a CCU education is unique because of our commitment to academic rigor with faith integration. The integration of faith and learning is a continuing process that is not actually definable as a single entity.

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