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Brendan Coman

Brendan Coman

Degree:  Biblical Studies Certificate

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

I am working on launching a new ministry called I AM Christian Clothing. I AM has a T-shirt line that helps to fund local churches, raises money for youth skateboarding programs, and helps to clothe the homeless. On weekends during the summer, I go to skate parks to encourage kids to board for the Lord. Children can do all things when their focus is on God. And, as they grow older, God can and will give them new directions in life. I am working with fellow skateboarders to teach kids basic skills on skateboarding while learning Bible verses and the story of Jesus.

Colorado Christian University has encouraged me to test who I thought I was and what I knew about God. With the education provided in CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies --  with learning from a biblical perspective -- my foundations have been shaken over the last couple semesters. What I thought was right in the world’s eyes was not right in God's eyes. He came in and shook my foundations that no rock will remain on top of another. My new foundation is being built on the Rock of Christ. My foundations are now stronger, my work ethic has increased, my educational goals are now proudly being met, and the people along the way have been a true inspiration! I would not be where I am today if I had not listened to God. There is a very still small voice that is the most empowering and CCU has helped me to hear it.

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