CCU Spotlights

Haley Littleton '14

Haley Littleton '14

Bachelor of Arts -  English

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Why CCU?

There are a lot of great things about CCU. But one of my favorite things is the focus on Christ as the center. It isn't just something that people at CCU say or put on websites or official papers, it really is true. Christ is the center of the University and everything goes back to Him. Because of this focus on Christ, it creates a vibrant spiritual life in the faculty and student body that everyone can grow from.

I experience my faith everyday at CCU: It happens in my classes and meetings with my professors, advisor, and mentors outside of the classrooms. It happens during chapel and worship. It happens in conversations and relationships across campus. It happens at CCU events and various lectures/meetings. It happens at CCU-related ministries. And finally it happens every morning at CCU when I wake up and realize that God's mercies are new!

My favorite class was my Freshman Year Integration course, Desiring God, with Ryan and Nikki Long. Desiring God by John Piper is one of my favorite books and, in the class, we had the most in-depth theological/life discussions I've ever had with a group of my peers. I was both challenged and encouraged greatly by the class, ideas, and honesty of the instructors.

My favorite place in Colorado is hard to pick. But if I had to, my favorite place is definitely the back bowls at Vail Mountain. There's really nothing like them on a sunny day when there is a foot of fresh powder on the ground!

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