• Response from President Armstrong

    May 30, 2014

    Dear CCU Community --

    I regret to inform you that a "hot" rumor is circulating about proposed changes in Colorado Christian University’s Statement of Faith. The rumor has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, therefore, I want to put this matter to rest.

    The report, attributed to “a reputable source,” is bogus.

    1. From time to time the Board of Trustees considers various proposed changes in the Statement of Faith. Deliberation on such matters is rare and adoption of such changes is extremely rare.
    2. I am not aware of any proposal to adopt changes at the forthcoming June meeting.
    3. The specific changes mentioned are completely off the mark. I have personally never heard anyone associated with CCU even discuss the possibility of such changes. I would be dumbfounded if such changes were adopted.
    4. If, as, and when the board considers making changes of any kind, I am confident there will be ample notice and opportunity for comment by students, alumni and faculty. In the meantime, I invite you to visit our website to refresh your recollection of what is currently included in our Statement of Faith.
    5. If anyone wishes further clarification, please contact me directly at 303-963-3350 or warmstrong@ccu.edu.

    In the meantime, this kind of unfounded rumor has great potential to damage the reputation of the University. If you hear anything about this from any source, please let me know and join me in correcting the record.

    Please join me in praying this will not grow into a huge controversy or become a distraction from our important work and the celebration of CCU’s 100th Anniversary. Please join me asking God to forgive those who are responsible for the sin of spreading this rumor and to forgive all of us for our sins.


    Armstrong SignatureBill Armstrong
    Colorado Christian University