Church History
The Church History minor can supplement any major or program of study. Theology alum Ryan Masterson '00, took this photo of the Deësis Mosaic at Hagia Sofia in Istanbul during his travels in the Holy Land.

Church History

"Remember the Days of Old, consider the years of all generations. Seek your Father and Mother, and they will tell you, ask your elders, and they will inform you..."
  -Deuteronomy 32:7

The Church History minor cultivates an awareness of the history of Christianity and equips you with the skills necessary to practice a responsible analysis of the past. Classes offered in the minor enable you to aquire proficiencies in the disciplines of church history. Simultaneously, you'll experience the spiritual cultivation that occurs as a corollary of studying the Christian tradition. The objectives within this minor include the development of aptitudes and methodologies in the investigation and interpretation of the past, and, the expansion of your integration of faith and learning as an active, responsible Christian. We want you to become aware of the significance of church history in every aspect of scholarship. 

Church History In the Christian University

A major theme of the Old Testament is remember. Why? Because amnesia is devastating on the individual level: if you do not know where you have come from, then you cannot fully know who you are, where you are, or where you should be headed. Amnesia of praxis and doxa (practice and belief) on the communal and institutional level is even more devastating: for the church to be ignorant of its history (or to twist history to suit our purposes) sets it upon dangerous and egomaniacal paths in the future. We must participate with the Church in the fullness of time -- within the Church's past, present, and future. There is no better place to do this than in the midst of a Christian community and university.  
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Interesting Church History classes you might take:
  • Canon History and Heresiology
  • History of Christianity
  • Latin I
What can you do with a degree in Church History?
  • Bible Translation
  • Divinity Graduate Studies
  • Historian
  • Minister
  • Professor



Megan D. DeVore

Assistant Professor of Early Christian Studies
School of Theology

My areas of study - Latin, Greco-Roman History, the History of Christianity, Philosophy, Art in Antiquity, etc. - all lend themselves in their very topic matters, to the integration of faith and learning.
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