Double major Cassidy Burke '13, was selected from over 100+ applicants to serve on the institutional sales and marketing team at the Janus Capital Group, a leading investment firm.


"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well [that] the product or service fits him and sells itself."
  -Peter F. Drucker, writer and management consultant (1909-2005)

Marketing is essential to any product or service-providing organization. The Marketing minor for Business Administration and Accounting majors provides you with an in-depth understanding of marketing principles, advertising and persuasion, consumer behavior, and e-commerce. You'll learn how to study human behavior and how to discover the needs and preferences of consumers, using this information to market a product or service effectively. 

Marketing In the Christian University

In a world that bombards individuals with secular marketing messages, Christian marketers who are propelled by skill and ethics are in high demand. The School of Business and Leadership trains you to effectively market products and services while maintaining Christian principles. Faculty, many of whom have had decades of experience in corporate business, integrate faith and learning to train you on how to market successfully and ethically. 

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Interesting Marketing Classes You Might Take

  • Advertising Management
  • Sales and Service Relationships
  • Special Topics

What can I do with a degree in Marketing ?

  • Market Research Analysis
  • Commerce Specialist
  • Agents and Business Management



Rachel Dillon (Algya)

Business Adminstration; Leadership Minor
Class of 2009

I am currently working as an account manager for a company in the education industry. I interact with schools across the country, primarily in higher-education, to help programs provide 21st century science lab solutions for their students.
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