After graduating with a degree in Music, Elizabeth Busch '02, completed a master's degree in music performance at the University of Southern California. Today, she is a classical guitarist performing across the U.S. and the world.


Emphases: Composition, Performance, Sound Recording Technology
"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."
  -Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, organist, violist, and violinist (1685–1750)

At Colorado Christian University, you can combine your passion for music with your education by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music. The music degree prepares you for a broad range of musical and non-musical careers, and is excellent preparation for further study in graduate school. You can tailor the program to your unique interests by adding an emphasis in composition, performance, or sound recording technology.

Music In the Christian University

The focus of CCU's School of Music is to teach you how to impact your culture for Christ, as well as how to honor Him and to share His love on campus and around the world, using excellence in music to do so. Integrated offerings combine classical, jazz, contemporary, and world music with a progressive and distinctly Christian worldview to develop students who are leaders – both in the world and in the Church. As a Music major, you'll receive personal attention by an exceptional, creative, and caring faculty who are themselves active performers and clinicians who desire to not only teach but to also mentor students. Opportunities include national tours for major ensembles, and on- and off-campus recording studios.

Prospective students who are planning to major or minor in music are required to audition for participation in most ensembles and for consideration for music scholarships.


Course Catalog
Interesting Music classes you might take:
  • Conducting
  • Intro to Music Computer Applications
  • Sound Recording Technology
What can you do with a degree in Music ?
  • Perform and Record Music
  • Sound Engineer
  • Pursue Graduate Studies in Music
  • Teach Music Lessons
  • Combine your Music Degree with the disciplines of Business Administration, Theology, or Psychology



Tim Rendall '16

Major: Music

I knew the snowboarding would be awesome, and I knew being in a Christian community would be great, too. What I didn’t expect was a school so committed to giving me a worthwhile education. I know that I’ll graduate with an education that can easily compete with any school in the area.
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