Music Education
After Laura Rodrigues (Nevin) '04, completed her Bachelor of Music Education degree, she began teaching music locally in the Jefferson County School district.

Music Education

Emphases: Choral, General Music, Instrumental

"Music cleanses the understanding, inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself."
  -Henry Ward Beecher, American Congregationalist clergyman, abolitionist, and social reformer (1813-1887)

CCU's Bachelor of Music in Music Education prepares you for licensure in kindergarten through twelfth grade music education by the State of Colorado. The program also offers you excellent preparation for graduate school. You can select concentrations in choral, instrumental, or general music.

Choral Emphasis

You'll focus on developing skills related to choral teaching and training by taking courses in applied voice and choral methodology, pedagogy; and literature, and by participating in University Women's Choir or University Choir.

Instrumental Emphasis

You'll focus on developing skills in instrumental teaching and training by taking courses correlating with your applied instrument, instrumental methods, pedagogies; and literature, and by participating in University Wind Ensemble or University Orchestra.

General Music Emphasis

You'll focus on developing skills and knowledge by taking courses in general music methods and literature, musical perspectives, world music, and music theory and history, and by participating in University Women's Choir, University Choir, University Wind Ensemble, or University Orchestra. 

Music Education In the Christian University

CCU's School of Music shares the Music Education program with CCU's School of Education, which has been recognized by the state of Colorado as a program of excellence. The distinct focus on developing students who are servant-leaders as well as excellent practitioners has earned CCU graduates in Music Education teaching positions in both public and private schools throughout the state.

Prospective students who are planning to major or minor in music are required to audition for participation in most ensembles and for consideration for music scholarships.


Course Catalog

Interesting Music Education Classes You Might Take

  • Conducting
  • Music K-12 Curriculum and Instruction
  • Sight-Singing and Ear Training

What can I do with a degree in Music Education ?

  • Band Director (Middle School/High School)
  • Choir Director
  • Elementary to High School Music Teacher
  • Private Studio Teacher
  • Substitute Teacher in all subject areas



Patrick Meese

Worship Arts
Class of 2005

I am currently a part-time musician and a part-time employee at Starbucks. After graduation from CCU I was able to take my newly learned skills and invest more time into my music. I formed a rock group called Meese and we have had a very exciting year and a half since I left school. The future of the band looks very bright and I owe much of it to the professors at CCU who were able to invest extraordinary amounts of time into teaching me the fundamentals of music.
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