Reading Literacy

Reading Literacy

"We shouldn’t teach books; we should teach a love of reading."
  -B.F. Skinner, American author, poet and philosopher (1904-1990)

Because of Colorado Christian University’s foundational core in reading literacy, the Reading Literacy Emphasis is awarded to all students who complete either the elementary education program or special education program. The emphasis acknowledges that graduates of the program have been specially trained throughout the elementary or special education programs and are prepared with a distinguished level of education in reading literacy. You'll take classes such as Reading and Language Arts, Intervention for Developing Readers, and Language Development, as well as other specialized courses including reading and adolescent development.

Reading Literacy in the Christian University

In every class, you’ll be encouraged to explore your role as a Christian leader, developing the minds and abilities of children who bear the image of God. Regardless of your major or future plans, the reading literacy emphasis will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to enhance your professional and interpersonal skill set, setting yourself apart in the hiring world as someone who works to the best of their ability, making the most of available opportunities.
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Interesting Reading Literacy classes you might take:
  • Reading/Lanuage Arts
  • Literacy Assessment
  • Language Development and Reading Disabilities
What can you do with a degree in Reading Literacy ?
  • Classroom teacher
  • Reading specialist
  • After-school tutor



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