• Kristen Cray

    Kristen Cray '16, had the opportunity to study in England at the University of Oxford's Summer Programme through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

    Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

    "Study Abroad is extremely important; just for kids to get outside this country and experience the fact there is a big world out there."
      -George Lucas, Film director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1944)

    Why Study Off Campus?

    Leave the traditional campus behind for a semester and make the world your classroom! Colorado Christian University encourages you to experience another culture and expand your academic experience by participating in a study abroad or off campus opportunity. Through our membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, CCU can offer you more than a dozen Christian-based academic study opportunities in places like Africa, Australia, Asia, and England. There are also opportunities to participate in off-campus study programs within the U.S., including the American Studies Program in Washington, D.C., the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and the Contemporary Music Center at Martha's Vineyard. Check out the BestSemester website!

    CCU has also formed a transfer agreement and partnership with Lithuania Christian College International University (LCC). Located in the Baltic port of Klaipeda, Lithuania, LCC is a Christian Liberal Arts university with a diverse population, with more than half the student body coming from outside of Lithuania. Study Abroad students are able to study in English a wide selection of courses, giving students exposure to a variety of different cultures through classroom diversity and intercultural engagement.

    CCU is affiliated with Veritas Christian Study Abroad, which has programs in Spain, England, Italy, and Chile. In addition to integrating faith and academics, Veritas emphasizes leadership, missions, service, and community through immersion.

    In addition to the Christian programs that CCU is affiliated with, the University is also affiliated with four additional study abroad providers: American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS), CIS Abroad, GlobaLinks, and ISA. Because of CCU's affiliation with these providers, students receive discounts from $200-$400 on program fees. Each of these organizations has programs all over the world. Check out their websites!

    If you are interested in studying in a country not listed in our opportunities section, CCU's Life Directions Center can direct you to other resources for off-campus study programs. No matter what your interests are, college is a great time to take advantage of the unparalleled opportunity to gain a more global perspective by studying in a different culture or even another area of the United States.

    Studying Abroad in the Christian University

    As our world becomes increasingly global, the CCU community feels evermore called not only to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth, but to also experience its culture, traditions, and people. What better way to immerse yourself in another culture than by living there every day? Studying, living, eating, breathing other people's worlds – other people's realities – not only expands our worldview, but it opens our eyes to all of God's creation and our opportunity to exist within it. Check out the CCCU's BestSemester.com Web site to begin exploring your possibilities!