• Sarah Mendenhall

    Sarah Mendenhall

    Enrollment Counselor

    Hometown: Fontana, California

    Education: B.A. Communication, Emphasis in Mass Media (Colorado Christian University)

    Favorite Verse: "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the LORD Almighty." Zechariah 4:6

    Hobbies: I love reading both fiction and non-fiction novels, traveling, and learning about different cultures. Music serves as one of my favorite ways to relax, to get pumped up, and to connect with God. I especially treasure times of laughter.

    I came to CCU because: I attended a community college in California for the first two years of my college education. Over the course of those two years, I realized how critically important it was to attend a university that held the Bible as God's word. I knew that I needed to establish a foundation that was simultaneously academic and Christian. It was important to me to see the world intellectually, but through the lens of Scripture. I knew that CCU would challenge my academic life and spiritual traditions but also provide a place that would rest on the truth of Scripture.

    My favorite memory at CCU: I always loved having people over at my apartment, and one time we hosted a gingerbread house party where we bought these huge tubs of frosting and boxes of graham crackers. Every guest brought a different candy that we pooled for everyone to use to decorate their home. People were scattered all over the apartment with cardboard foundations and clumps of frosting. My poor carpet probably wasn't too thrilled. One person made the White House, another one made a Twix tower with King Kong at the top, and another made a snowboarder out of marshmallows. To the smell of gingerbread cookies and Michael Bublé Christmas music, it was a wonderful time to cultivate relationships and simply have a lot of fun!

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