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    College of Undergraduate Studies

    CCU is looking for students who are committed to growing spiritually, who are well-prepared academically, and who expect to contribute to their community. Here's a snapshot of our student body, based on 2016-2017 statistics.

    Traditional Undergraduate Demographics

    • 1,306 students from all 50 states and several foreign countries
    • Freshman Class of 2016: 1,422 applications received; 470 enrolled
    • 69% Acceptance Rate
    • 51% of first-time freshmen are from outside Colorado
    • 17% of the student body are part of an ethnic minority
    • 92% retention rate for freshmen, fall to spring (2014-2015)
    • 51% 4-Year Graduation Rate (2011-2015)
    • 2:3 male to female ratio
    • 66 Christian denominations are represented at CCU
    • 63% live on campus
    • 16% traveled abroad with CCU2theWorld


    • Average Grade Point Average: 3.6
    • Average Test Scores: ACT - 25.1; SAT - 1663 (2400)
    • 57 full-time faculty members
    • Faculty to student ratio 11:1
    • Average class size: 15 students

    Financial Aid

    • Over $26 million dollars in financial aid distributed (traditional undergraduate)
    • $15,936,192 in Institutional Scholarships/grants awarded
    • $1,390,893 in federal scholarships/grants awarded
    • $730,225 in Colorado state scholarships/grants awarded
    • 99% of students qualified for some form of financial aid

    Student Athletes at CCU:

    • 265 student athletes participate in NCAA Division II Athletics
    • 53 student athletes on the RMAC All-Academic Team
    • 4 All-American student athletes

    *Please remember these numbers are averages. CCU seeks highly motivated and talented individuals; therefore, test scores and GPAs alone do not guarantee admission or denial. The University admits a wide variety of students who present academic profiles above and below these averages. Facts and Statistics are based on data reported in the 2016 University Annual Report (published Fall 2016), and are updated on an annual basis.
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    Christian Osterhout '19

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    I love CCU because of the community in Christ, glorifying His name to the world.
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