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CCU Alumni and Family Weekend was a great success! I hope you were able to join us!
"I truly had a wonderful time and I appreciate all the effort you and your staff went to in order that the parents and alumni could experience a little piece of life at CCU.  The food was great and I enjoyed myself immensely.  It was very nice to be able to connect with others.  My favorite time had to be going to chapel.  It gives me great hope to worship with such a wonderful group of young men and women who CHOOSE to attend CCU."

~CCU Parent

Alumni Spotlight

Katie Miller

Class of 2013

Accounting Major

Katie Miller came to CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies without a plan – and unsure if God even had one for her. After some time here, she chose to be an accounting major, and she faced the overwhelming prospect of not simply landing an interview, but a job with a top accounting firm. The only problem? None of the top firms would even look at her résumé.

After a rigorous interview process, Katie was offered not one, but two positions at two of the most prestigious accounting firms in the nation. She chose the position she’d been hoping for all along. Katie decided to attend a small University, trusting it could offer even more than a bigger institution. She trusted she could compete against students from bigger schools with more name recognition, and she did. “Size doesn’t limit us,” she added. “It works for us. It made me a stronger student and a stronger applicant…It was really because of CCU that this happened.”

She now audits major not-for-profit organizations such as Compassion International and Young Life, serving them as a Christian counterpart – and one who knows that what God wants, above all else, is for his people to earnestly seek Him. She’s done that not only with her heart, but with her mind.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Kyle Usrey

Dr. Kyle Usrey

Professor of Finance and International Business
School of Business and Leadership

  • J.D. (University of Colorado School of Law)
  • MBA Marketing emphasis (University of Colorado)
  • BBA Finance & Economics, summa cum laude (Hardin-Simmons University)
  • China Ministry of Foreign Affairs designee as Foreign Expert in International Business & Law
  • Lived and worked on six continents; traveled to over sixty countries, and has taken students on travel study trips to over 20 countries...can speak some Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

Job Opportunity

Interested in working for an organization dedicated to the development of Christian Leaders? CCU is looking for a Resident Director! Check it out at http://jobs.ccu.edu/resident-director/job/4363998#

Webinar: New Year, New You!

Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Noon - 1:00 pm

Life is full of change - some of it happens to us, and sometimes we create change purposefully. Martha Lanaghen will explore creative ways to make positive changes in your life and drive innovation in your career. You'll learn 6 ways to be more creative as an individual and 5 ways to build creativity in teams (or in your family). Finally, she will talk about goal setting and 2 unique ways to help you stick to your plans to make positive change. Visit http://www.ccu.edu/careers/ for more information and to register.

Crossover Network

Tuesday, March 13 - 6:30 am - 8:15 am

The School of Business and Leadership presents a morning session that combines the best of real-world organizational-leadership content delivery and meaningful networking for leaders of all profiles in business, non-profits, and churches. More information and the link to RSVP for this free event is available at http://www.crossovernetwork.org.

Adult and Graduate Information Session

Saturday, March 15 from 3:00 PM  to 9:00 PM   CAGS Information Sessions

If you are interested in completing your undergraduate degree or earning a master's degree, please join CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) for a free information session at one of our CAGS regional centers. We'll discuss your educational interests, review your prior academic credits, and explore how you can earn college credit for your life learning experiences.

To reserve your space, please register online today. See our College of Adult and Graduate Studies Locations page for directions.

Interviewing Skills Workshop

Tuesday, March 13 - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Employment Management Services at CCU welcomes all CCU alumni to participate in "Prepare for Takeoff" on Tuesday, March 13, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Beckman 202/210. For additional information, contact Sharon Kitzmiller at skitzmiller@ccu.edu.

Spring Musical: Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. LouisYou are invited to join Colorado Christian University for our spring musical, "Meet Me in St. Louis," which will be performed at the Lakewood Cultural Center March 6-9. The musical, which is based on "The Kensington Stories" by Sally Benson and the MGM motion picture "Meet Me in St. Louis," features songs by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane.

Meet us at the Lakewood Cultural Center, located at 470 S. Allison (Wadsworth and Alameda), for this delightful family outing!

Pastor's Conference: Who is at the Gate?

Friday, March 14 from 9:00 am  to 2:00 pm

There is increasing conversation about just who is at the gates of the United States. Some say “The Enemy is at the gate!”  People who are immigrating to the United States will change our culture and drag us into an economic abyss. We must guard ourselves against this invasion.

Others say, “There is Help at the gate.” The United States has benefitted from the mix of cultures and ideas that comprise its citizenry. The people who want to enter this country should be valued and welcomed and integrated as valuable resources.

Do we as Christians process this crucial question any differently than others?  We hear political, financial and sociological arguments for and against opening the gate.  How does Scripture help us sort through the questions and generate helpful answers?

Colorado Christian University’s School of Theology invites you to explore this essential – and complex question of “Who IS at the gate?”

Keynote Speaker: Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R., Distinguished Professor of Old Testament. Register here.

School of Music Gala and Honors Recital

School of Music Gala and Honors RecitalThe School of Music at Colorado Christian University invites you to attend our seventh annual Music Gala and Honors Recital on Saturday, March 15. The Honors Recital will feature top music students and faculty performers and special scholarship recipient announcements.

This elegant event will include dessert and coffee, and the opportunity to meet School of Music students and faculty. The Gala is intended as a thank you to all of our supporters and a celebration of music at CCU. A special donation opportunity will be presented to benefit music scholarships for the coming year and special needs for the School of Music.