How to Find a Military Friendly College

Whether you’re a military veteran or in the military reserves, attending a military friendly college is important for you. Because of your military connections, your search for a college is a more difficult than the average college selection. It is crucial that you find a military friendly college to provide the support and financial benefits you need. Here are features you should look for in a military friendly college.

  • A military friendly college will be accredited. In order to qualify for special military loans, the school you attend must be accredited. There are two levels of college accreditation—national and regional. Regional accreditation is the best level of accreditation. A military friendly college will be regionally accredited.
  • A military friendly college will have a selection of financial aid programs. Ask if the college accepts the GI Bill, specifically the Yellow Ribbon Program. This is probably the most important feature to look for in a college. Discounts, grants, scholarships, and tuition assistance programs will be readily available in a military friendly college. And believe me, they make a big difference!
  • A military friendly college will participate in the MyCAA program. MyCAA is a program that allows the spouse of a military person to receive financial aid for college education. Under this program, the spouse of an active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine service member, or activated Reserve member will be eligible for the benefit.
  • A military friendly college actively recruits military personnel. You can find out how eager a school is to attract military students by how actively they recruit them. Military friendly colleges will allocate generous portions of their recruitment budget toward military outreach.
  • Military friendly colleges are often located near a large military base. These colleges recognize that by being a military friendly college, they will benefit their enrollment. A military friendly college will provide distance learning tracks to accommodate a military schedule. Obviously, many active-duty military members will not be able to attend a university with a traditional four-year track. For this reason, military friendly colleges will have online or distance learning programs that work with military schedule demands.

The easiest way to find a military friendly college is to ask questions of potential schools. Take this list, pick up the phone and get answers. Your education is important, and finding a military friendly college is the best way to make it worthwhile.