International Nursing Jobs Working Abroad as a Nurse

International nursing jobs are available for the asking. While many people only dream of having an international career, it’s an easy option for a nurse. The U.S.-trained nurse is an asset in high demand in many countries, particularly underdeveloped areas of the world. According to the World Health Organization, a full 50% of all international jobs are nursing positions. finding and applying for a job abroad can take time, but it is extremely rewarding once you’re on your way!

Find a international nursing job can be tough. The best way to go about it is:

  • Find the country(s) you’re interested in
  • Research the top hospitals in the region. Take into account culture, transportation and cost of living.
  • Apply as you would a US hospital

There aren’t many quality websites that compile international nursing jobs, but Worldwide Travel Staffing offers opportunities in places like Guam, Virgin Islands, and Saudi Arabia. In order to find other opportunities in Europe, South America or Asia, you’ll have to do some researching on your own.

Other Reasons Why Working Abroad as A Nurse is Rewarding:

A Sense of Adventure

Although international nursing jobs are readily available, don’t expect a traditional job in a gleaming hospital. Nursing overseas jobs may place you in out-of-the-way clinics, primitive settings, war-zones, and other unusual circumstances. For someone considering international nursing jobs, a sense of adventure should be part of the application process.

More Than Just Nursing

Although nursing abroad require a nursing degree, they also require another skill set. You may be placed in a country where you must learn the language and culture. In addition, working abroad as a nurse may lack conventional supplies and personnel. Be prepared to go beyond the boundaries of your standard training when the situation demands it. Creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and a whole lot of extra stuff goes into international nursing jobs.

Different Pay. Different Benefits. Different Animal.

Many times, working abroad as a nurse will provide a higher pay scale. Sometimes, they will provide a different set of benefits with huge upsides. Be prepared to accept creative arrangements. Also understand the possibility that you will be recruited as an independent contractor, meaning you will have to pay your own taxes. Also, realize that currency conversion rates vary from country to country. If you are being paid in U.S. dollars, take a moment to convert that pay to the currency of the country you will be working in. This will give you an idea of how far your salary will go.

Nursing abroad is an excellent way to add variety and excitement to your career. International experience is a valuable asset to your future career as well. International nursing jobs provide a level of experience that employer’s value, and that will deepen your effectiveness at any job.