How to Be a Stand-Out College Alma Mater Supporter

The proudest day in a parent’s life, aside from the day a child is born and when that child has children is the day they graduate from college. Parents know that the graduate has a life in front of them with a certain amount of security in it because of the degree they just earned. And make no mistake, when that person gets that great job and starts moving up the ladder, they’re grateful for the education the college has provided. In a show of appreciation for that education, and to help the college they graduated from provide more opportunities, they’ll do a lot of different things to help by supporting their college alma mater.

There are lots of ways to help support the school you graduated from. Most people think of endowments and other monetary contributions to various departments like the art department or the sciences. Others like to be a direct part of the process, volunteering their time and effort by being a part of fund raisers and events at the school. Regardless of which way you choose to make your contribution, it will be appreciated.

The sports departments, especially football teams, are very visible programs at most colleges and universities. Many contributors like to give both money and time to the sports teams because they can see their money in action on the playing field. Since sports are usually the most visible programs, colleges count on them to draw in new students as well, and the crowds are always full of graduates during the homecoming game.

Supporting your college alma mater gives you a great sense of satisfaction whether you’re making a contribution to the sports department, recruiting new grads for your company or business, joining the Alumni Club or volunteering time as a tutor or mentor. You can even take part of building up your school on social media such as Facebook by sharing your positive experiences and answering questions from prospective students.

Graduating from college is a great time in your life. Carrying that into your future by supporting your college alma mater in whatever ways you can keeps that feeling fresh. Get in touch with the Alma Mater Cub at your school and see how you can help. They’ll appreciate anything you can do.

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