Is the Online Learning Environment Better Than Traditional Classrooms?

This is a question educators have been asking for the last few years since high speed internet service is becoming commonplace. Since both the phone company and cable television providers both offer broadband internet service for as little as $15 per month, anyone can afford enough speed for live class participation. Not only can classes take place in real-time, students are able to access class work and resources in a complete online learning environment without having to leave their home.

There are two types of online learning schema. The first and most effective is called ‘synchronous’. This means you’re actually a part of the class as it takes place. The student sees the class being taught in real-time and can interact with the class, asking and answering questions just as if s/he was present in the classroom. However, being able to take the class virtually means the student can be anywhere a high speed internet connection is available releasing him/her from having to be, physically, in the classroom.

The other type is called ‘asynchronous’. This means students watch a recording of the class when they’ve got time available. This enables students to work full-time plus spend time with their families as parents instead of having to sacrifice those to further their education. Not only does this alleviate the need to be present in the class, but it also allows for time to shift the class to a time that is possible for them to take it. This means they can take the classes at night or on weekends when the classes aren’t given, but can still get the information they need from the instructor and complete the class work.

Both methods are very effective in giving students that ordinarily wouldn’t be able to take classes that golden opportunity. Since many degree programs from nursing to an MBA are available in online degree courses, being able to get the education needed for better jobs is available to everyone. With the possibilities and flexibility offered by these new online learning environments, there’s no reason that getting the education needed to have that great future everyone dreams of can’t be yours. Check it out today and you’ll be amazed at just how easily you can build your own new future.

  • Dot

    Thanks for this blog. It was very informative and helpful in understanding the continuous focus on non-traditional learning environments.

  • Lorie Peters

    Asynchronous web based learning is the perfect combination of individual learning couched in community. I can only speak for myself but at 48 years of age and having not been in a formal academic environment for over 20 years, the idea of returning to school to obtain an MBA was daunting. I was not only concerned for my academic success, but also, I was extremely concerned about the reality of my sitting for hours on end in a classroom in the evening because I had a full time career which required travel during the day. Online leaning has provided me the opportunity to not only work toward my coveted graduate degree, but keep my career on track and my family in order. I have had the opportunity to learn at my own pace on my own schedule, but I have not been isolated in that learning with the community of my classmates.

    However, online learning has moved well beyond the traditional formal institutional model. The advantage of YouTube provides myriad opportunities to ‘experience’ the task at hand with a live (sort of) demonstration. Cooking blogs provide detailed instructions on technique, TED offers learning seminars and interviews, bulletin boards offer instructive discussion, and foreign language classes are readily available with accompanying audio to ensure proper pronunciation.

    Have internet, will learn!