Higher Education Trends

We’re more than a decade into the 21st century and already we’ve seen vast changes in the way education works. It’s helpful to keep your eye on these higher education trends, since they have a profound impact upon our nation as a whole.

Online Learning

Few would dispute that the biggest change in higher education is the advent of online degree courses. Now you can earn your college degree with just a computer and an Internet connection. But that’s not all. Most colleges now offer advanced degrees online, too. Imagine earning a PhD without ever setting foot on a college campus.

High Tech Learning

Even though many colleges are still campus-bound, they’re at least technologically advanced. Whereas a decade ago, just a few classes were cutting-edge enough to have a course website, now it’s difficult to conceive of going to class without also logging onto the course site to download syllabi or lecture notes. Beyond that, students can follow a professor’s Twitter feed, read textbooks on their Kindle, or download an app to study for the exam. Taking notes with pen and paper? What’s that all about?

Grad School Enrollment

Want to get ahead in life? Don’t just get an education. Instead, get a graduate education. The past few years have seen a huge rise in the number of applications to graduate school. It’s not just that grad college applicants are getting smarter; they’re getting desperate. The MBA is the new B.A. for many hiring mangers, and in order to put the sizzle in your job application, that grad degree really helps.

Diverse Training

Higher education now offers a more diverse spread of career fields than ever before. As society advances, as technology matures, and as global cataclysms become the worldwide norm, education has risen to the occasion. More and more collegians are majoring in social work, green industries, technology fields, and entrepreneurship. Beyond that, the so-called ‘recession-proof’ majors such as healthcare are also expanding at unprecedented rates.

Jobless Graduation

One of the less-than-joyful higher education trends is what happens after graduation: no job. There is no lack of job fairs, job applications, and career placement efforts. However, since the financial fiasco, neither is there any abundance of jobs, even for college grads.

Author: Guest Blogger