How To Make Use of Your Alumni Network!


What’s the most important thing about college? If you’re thinking “diploma,” you’re only half right. An important college takeaway isn’t a piece of paper, but is rather a group of people. Once your college education is complete, the alumni network is one of the most valuable assets that you have.

The Value of Your Alumni Network

During your college days, they consisted of your buddies—fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, lunch friends, study mates, casual dates, whatever. Now that graduation has come and gone, your circle of friends has developed into something more. They are involved in careers. They own businesses. They’re looking for jobs. They’re starting families. They are a group of professionals, potential clients, business partners, support groups, trusted contacts, close friends.

It pays to stay connected to this group of people. Not only do you share great memories, but you also have the ability to help one another. Staying connected doesn’t merely happen without any effort. As our lives get busy and go in different directions, it can be easy to forget about the old college pals. Being friends on Facebook doesn’t exactly constitute a complete networking relationship.

Get Involved in Your Alumni Association

Being active in your school’s alumni association is an important way to stay connected to this group of people. When you get involved with your alumni network, you are able to interact with others who are also committed to maintaining those valuable college friendships. Staying involved doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. Keeping current with your alumni association dues is the simplest way to be involved. There is more than just paying money each year. You can also inform the alumni association about your marriage or the birth of children. You can contribute articles to the alumni periodical and attend alumni events.

College is over, but the benefits are here to stay. And if you want to enjoy the most rewarding and long-lasting benefits of college, you’ll want to get involved in your alumni association.