Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

There are all kinds of reasons why someone would want to get a master’s degree in counseling. People with master’s degrees usually make more money. Master’s degrees give people the satisfaction of having achieved personal goals. For some, a master’s degree is one step higher up the ladder of greater achievement or corporate promotion. If these things are true, then why would someone want to get a master of arts in Christian counseling.

High Demand Education

Today, advanced counseling degrees, especially Christian counseling degrees, are in high demand. There is no end to the number of people who are seeking answers to some of life’s greatest challenges. There is only so much that self-help books and well-meaning friends can do to reach out. Even pastors, with their busy schedules and multiple commitments, are not able to personally meet with everyone who seeks counseling. Caring people who have the training, ability, and knowledge to offer counseling are desperately needed. Therein lies the value of a master of arts in Christian counseling.

Job with a Purpose

Those who seek graduate degrees in Christian counseling do so because of their desire to help others. A job that merely provides a higher income is a dead-end. There is no ultimate purpose in growing one’s nest egg or buying nicer things. There is, however, infinite value in helping other people. The Christian counselor can enjoy a career that is ultimately fulfilling, to the highest degree.

An advanced degree in Christian counseling gives the counseling student intensive academic training, practical assignments, and hands-on experience to refine his or her skills. The benefit that a Christian counselor brings to a church, a family, a neighborhood, or a community is inestimable. To be able to pour one’s life into helping others—that’s the value of a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling.