What’s the Best Education For Business Administration Careers?

Business administration careers can offer hefty compensation, challenging responsibilities and great upward mobility. Basically, business MBA programs are an excellent preparation for a very good career, but what kind of career? After all, “business administration” is rather generic, isn’t it? Career analysts explain that business administration degrees, while popular, are also a bit vague. What kind of career is best for you as the holder of a BA in business administration? Here are three suggestions.

Prepare to Specialize. Nobody has a job doing mere “business administration.” Every business administration graduate that has ever lived has learned to become specialized. Whether it’s engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, accounting, or some other area of focus, you as a business administration graduate will need to become specialized.

Prepare to Choose. Becoming specialized means choosing. You must choose an area of industry in which to focus your efforts at getting a job. Find out what interests you. Find out where your aptitudes are. Find out what industries are growing. You may find out that the next best step is to specialize with more education. Business administration is a great degree, but a master’s in business administration, also known as an MBA, is another way to take your degree to the next level. Either way, you are faced with a choice.

Prepare to Lead. Whatever your eventual career and/or industry, you as a business administration graduate will be called upon to lead. Administration is about leading. Possessing knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, marketing, and accounting isn’t all that your education has done for you. It has also prepared you to understand how a business works, how to manage personnel, and how things work best. Therefore, a business administration graduate should prepare to manage others.

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