Early Childhood Education Degrees – The Steps to Getting Licensed

The future of our society lies in our children and the future of our children lies in the hands of our educators. To ensure our students get the best education possible, each state has a licensing process that prospective teachers must complete in order to become a part of the education system. While the qualifications vary from state to state, they do have a lot of things in common. To teach in elementary schools for instance, most states start with the basic requirement of early childhood education degrees.

Here’s a list of steps to get a license to teach in Colorado. This should give you an idea of what it’ll take in other states as well.

  • A degree in early childhood education from an accredited college or university
  • Completion of an approved educator preparation program
  • Consult the summary of license requirements as some licenses have additional requirements
  • Criminal background check
  • Elementary teachers have to pass the Colorado State Board of Education elementary content test
  • Must demonstrate content proficiency by either of two ways. 
           -24 semester hours of course credit via transcript evaluation (student teaching)
           -Or passing scores on the CSBE assessment (SPED Generalist or ECE)
  • Submit the application for a license

All levels of education from the elementary school level all the way through 12th grade and above through college level has to go through the same process. Some specific jobs like Special Education teachers have to meet additional requirements to be licensed due to the specific needs of their students.

Becoming a teacher is a big responsibility, but those who have the calling to become a teacher really do want to teach. But making sure they’re qualified does require a weeding out process and with all the above steps, only those who are truly dedicated will complete the process. While this may seem to be unfair, if you consider the quality of education in the past, making sure we’re getting the best teachers we can into the education system is necessary. If you’re considering a career as a teacher, get the early childhood education degree and work from there. It is a do-able process and if you really want to teach, you can get it done.