Is An Online Education Right for You?

The education industry is grappling with the seismic changes that have been occurring over the last decade. As the advantages of online education are becoming apparent, the trend for more and more students is to get an education online. More people than ever are earning degrees, even online masters degree programs, but fewer and fewer of them are earning them in the brick-and-mortar enclaves of traditional educational settings. You may be asking the question, “Is online education right for me?” And the answer is, “probably, yes.”

Decision-making:  weighing advantages and disadvantages
Deciding between an online education and a traditional education is a simple matter of weighing the advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a traditional education are that you get an education, and that you have face-to-face interaction with your teachers…maybe. The advantages of online education are far more extensive. You get an education, you get that education at a lower cost, you get the education on your own timetable, you get the education while learning at your present job, you get the education without having to commute or move, and you get it all with enough hands-on experience and virtual interaction that you’re not losing an iota of any potential advantages of a traditional educational setting.
The Advantages of an Online Education and the Future of Education
It can be easy to be skeptical of online education, simply because it’s the latest trend. The response is understandable, but it is shortsighted. Technology is no longer a trend. Education is definitely not a trend. The two are now joined—technology and education—and they are forging a new model of education:  online education. There are no more risks with engaging in an online education than there are with engaging in a traditional school education. In fact, there are probably less risks.

In the final analysis, determining whether an online education is right for you is a personal decision—one based on preferences, life situation, income level, career, family, etc. But as you consider the advantages of online education, whether it’s a certificate, a bachelor’s or an online masters degree program, you may just find yourself realizing that sure enough, online education is definitely for you.