Advantages of an MBA

Three little letters. The letters themselves look rather insignificant, but when you realize the MBA advantages and the value of online MBA programs, the significance of the MBA becomes enormous. It represents a vast amount of classes, a major commitment of time, and an incredible amount of work. Are the MBA advantages worth it?

Why get an MBA?
If you intend to go into business—business of any kind—the MBA is your friend. A couple generations ago, the college degree was sufficient for landing a great job with upward mobility and financial success. Today, however, earning higher education is unlocking the door to higher potential. Although it sounds cliché, the MBA really is your ticket to success in the business world.

What opportunities does an MBA provide?
To begin listing MBA advantages seems like a futile undertaking, simply because the MBA furnishes an individual with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, ability, and potential. Nonetheless, here are a few of the salient issues in MBA advantages.

  • Immediately land a good job. Hand a resume to a potential employer, and as soon as that hiring manager sees the MBA he or she will give you some attention—hiring attention. Earning an MBA increases your chances of landing the really good job right after graduation.
  • Increase your promotability within a job. MBA-holders wield the potential of promotion. Earning an MBA demonstrates an individual’s character as well as his or her business-savvy.
  • Increase your ability. The MBA is not just a door-opener for your career. It is a personal enhancement for a fuller life experience. With a richer store of knowledge and increased ability to handle challenges, you are increasing your enjoyment and skill in life. This opens more doors than merely promotions, raises, and better jobs. It enhances your quality of life.

What is the salary potential of an MBA?
Let’s talk dollars and cents. After all, few people wouldn’t choose the MBA if it wasn’t a financially prudent move. What are the MBA advantages when it comes to salary? You may be surprised. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that the average starting salary is between $50,000 and $90,000. 40% of MBA grads start with a salary over $75,000. The current average salary for someone with an MBA is $90,000.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?  Placed in that light, the prospect of earning your MBA through online MBA programs becomes more intriguing than ever before.

  • Beau

    I also believe that even though M.B.A. can be a brood catagory it is very efficient in teaching all aspects of business. It gives you a greater understanding how business works and all of the counter parts that keep business moving forward. Although I am switching my degree to accounting I think the M.B.A. is a very impressive tool to add to the resume.

  • April

    I was attracted to the MBA degree for its flexibility. As stated above, I have found that the pursuit of my MBA has enhanced me personally and will result in a fuller life experience. Particularly by pursuing an MBA through a Christian university it has provided me with a new framework in which to view and operate in the world of business.

  • In the global economy don’t to add Bilingual to your resume along with MBA!