Choosing A Counselor – Some Things Everyone Should Consider

Choosing a counselor is not easy, and this is probably because of all the variables involved in making such a decision. From considering the gender of the counselor, to the scope of one’s issue, to the extent of the counselor’s training, to the level of their counseling degrees, to their are of specialty, there are so many factors to keep in mind. In order to choose the best counselor, there are three main counselor qualities you should remember.

Choose a Counselor Whose Personality Resonates With Yours
Often personal connectedness is overlooked in choosing a counselor. Unless you “click” with the person you are counseling with, the counseling sessions will leave you unnecessarily frustrated. It’s not important that your counselor become your best friend, but there does need to be a level of trust, acceptance, and enjoyment in order to have a profitable counselor/counselee relationship. Like every profession, the counselor faces his or her share of bad days and grumpy moods. You can’t expect an angel as a counselor, but you can look for someone who is generally warm and kind.

Choose a Counselor Whose Education is Reputable

Counseling education is important, and you should place a priority upon finding a counselor who has received the right kind of education. Counseling degrees are a must-have for any potential counselor with whom you consult. Every state has laws and policies that regulate the practice of counseling, but it’s up to you to determine if the counselor is truly informed about what he or she is doing. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential counselor about their education, the degree earned, and the institution attended.

Choose a Counselor Whose Specialty Matches Your Need
There are just about as many types of counselors as there are types of quandaries in life. Career counselors, marriage counselors, family counselors, professional counselors, dieting counselors, and even sleep counselors are available for helping you with issues and questions. Find a counselor who is experienced and specialized in your area of concern. Of course, there may sometimes be an overlap. For example, a family counselor may be equipped to serve you with your marriage questions. Whatever your case, there is probably a counselor trained and experienced. Seek out a specialized counselor, rather than just anyone.

Choosing a counselor can be a bit exhausting and even intimidating. The phone book or a Google search can turn up hundreds of results, leaving you bewildered. However, applying these three simple parameters will help you simplify your search and select the right counselor.