Registered Nurses Salary – How Much Do Nurses Get Paid?

How much do nurses get paid? The question is an appropriate one, especially for the potential nursing student who is shocked at the cost of a nursing degree, and who may be musing about the long-term payoff. The following survey helps to answer the question, “how much do nurses get paid?” as well as explain the how and why.

How much do nurses get paid?

The following salaries represent the averages in these major American cities.

  • New York:  $52,988 – $76,544
  • Denver: $48,500 – $62,620
  • Houston:  $49,600 – $70,950
  • Chicago: $46,508 – $66,732
  • Los Angeles: $49,810 – $73,596
  •  Dallas: $46,834 – $65,911
  • Atlanta: $45,597 – $65,752
  • Philadelphia: $48,720 – $67,515
  • Orlando: $52,000 – $65,995
  • Phoenix: $49,560 – $58,000

When Demand is High and Supply Is Low

Nurses are in high demand. It is common to call the healthcare industry one of the “recession-proof” industries, and it’s true. Illness has never been and will never be totally eradicated. As long as there are people, there will be sick people. And as long as there are sick people, there will be others who attempt to heal and care for them. As the baby boomer generation ages, and as many of the baby boomer healthcare providers phase into post-career lifestyles, the need for new healthcare providers is more acute than ever. The healthcare industry is undergoing vast changes, and the supply of healthcare providers has not been able to keep up with the demand. Like any market situation, the healthcare industry has responded, creating a higher pay scale for those who are able to provide the necessary healthcare. Thus, nurse’s salaries are among the highest available for recently-graduated college students.

 Increasing a Nurse’s Salary

Although the general salary for nurses is high, there are ways that RNs can improve their earning power. One way is to earn more education. Nursing education does not need to end at the RN, and nurses who earn more education, earn more money, considerably more. Additionally, rising in the ranks of nursing staff also increases one’s salary.  Gaining management responsibility is a guaranteed way of increasing one’s compensation.

 The answer to the question, “how much do nurses get paid?” is a pleasing one. But like all careers, good pay comes as a result as good, hard work.

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    Hi was just wondering how much do Florida nurse’s get a year. Because I saw some of the major cities and how much they got paid but not Florida.