What Is A Pediatric Nurse?

It’s never any fun to be sick, especially for kids. But, whether that sickness comes in the form of chicken pox or some other malady, there’s one person that can make a child’s physician visit a whole lot more enjoyable. It’s the pediatric nurse.

What Is a Pediatric Nurse?
Even if kids don’t know what “pediatric” means, they’ll probably recognize their pediatric nurse—a caregiver who is trained in providing medical aid to children. The answer to “what is a pediatric nurse” isn’t easy to provide, simply because the pediatric nurse has a wide array of training, responsibilities, and tasks. A pediatric nurse can perform physical exams on children, diagnose childhood illnesses, provide emergency aid to children, or even work in a specialty setting for kids, such as pediatric oncology or pediatric cardiology.

Where Do Pediatric Nurses Work?
Pediatric nurses can work in a wide variety of settings, not limited to the standalone family practitioners office. A community hospital employs many pediatric nurses, who carry many responsibilities for the hospitals many children patients. A pediatric nurse can be found wherever there are a lot of children. Most schools have a pediatric nurse on duty during school hours. Community recreation centers, critical care facilities, and mission hospitals all benefit from the services of pediatric nurses.

What Makes a Good Pediatric Nurse?
To really understand what is a pediatric nurse, it’s important to find out what makes a good one. Obviously, the right nursing education is paramount. Pediatric nurses must be eminently qualified to work with their precious patients. Whether it’s a routine task like ordering medicine, or an interactive one like educating parents and children on the best care for a broken arm, or as complex as providing therapy, the pediatric nurse must be knowledgeable, professional, and competent. And then, of course, there’s that dynamic element to the job that a nursing degree doesn’t indicate. A pediatric nurse must enjoy being around kids—a lot. And it sure helps if kids enjoy being around their pediatric nurse, too.


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