Counseling Graduate Programs Provide Great Job Opportunity

Counseling Graduate Programs Provide Great Job Opportunity

Any student in any degree program has a basic and underlying question:  Will my degree program provide me with a job after graduation? This question may be particularly acute for students in counseling graduate programs. Although the counseling graduate program student may have a love for his or her subject matter, and a desire to help others, that does not necessarily mean that the student will be able to waltz into the job market with a degree and land a job. After all, isn’t the MBA the degree that is guaranteed to land a job and earn the big bucks? What can someone do after a counseling graduate program?

What Comes after Counseling Graduate Programs?
Listen to this statistic. Of all the counseling jobs in the United States, more than 90% of these jobs are filled by people who hold master’s degrees in counseling. That simple statistic should give you confidence in your counseling graduate program. People who have been through counseling graduate programs hold counseling jobs—the vast majority of the jobs. This really opens up the array of positions that are available to master’s-level counselors.

The Variety of Jobs Available After Counseling Graduate Programs
The United States is experiencing a growth in the employment of counselors. Now, more than ever before in history, counselors are needed in a wide variety of settings. Listen to a few. Counseling graduate programs equip students to work in the field of education as career counselors or teachers. Businesses employ counselors in their human resources departments, organizational consulting roles, and recruiting. Government offices are always hiring counselors with advanced degrees for the constant need of community counselors to help substance abusers, abuse victims, troubled teens, and crumbling families or marriages. Religious and nonprofit organizations exist on the work of counselors. Healthcare facilities employ counselors for all kinds of roles. And, of course, many private or group practices routinely employ graduate-level counselors for their clientele.

Counseling Graduate Programs and Careers
There is, obviously, life after education for students of counseling graduate programs. The options are endless, and the work is fulfilling.

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