Criminal Justice Degrees Now Offered at CCU

Colorado Christian University is proud to announce that another degree program has been added to the CCU curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. CCU is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, and The Criminal Justice Certificate.

Criminal Justice Degree, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

This undergraduate degree requires 120 credit hours of coursework (39 in major, 48 in general education, and 33 in electives). Students may be able to apply up to 31 credits from prior life and learning experiences, and major coursework can be completed in four semesters. Details for this degree can be found in the CCU Course Catalog.

A B.S. in Criminal Justice will provide the student with a strong foundation of knowledge and practical application in real-world criminal justice situations. Christian life issues such as sin, free will, redemption and the biblical view of human nature will be discussed in classes, and your educators will be experienced faculty members who have careers in the criminal justice system.

CCU offers the following focus areas for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program:

  • Criminal law
  • Procedure and investigations
  • Corrections
  • Homeland security
  • Juvenile justice
  • Organizational behavior
  • Victimology

Some of the benefits of a B.S. in Criminal Justice include:

  • Extensive range of career options
  • Degree designed for adult students who may have families and/or careers
  • Students take one course at a time with classroom-based courses meeting once a week for five weeks
  • Online coursework available
  • Smaller class size
  • Professors work in the criminal justice field

Criminal Justice Degree, Associate of Science (A.S.)
CCU’s Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is a two-year degree that provides an introduction to criminal justice. The A.S. degree requires 60 credit hours (18 in major, 39 in general education, and 3 in electives), and students may transfer up to 30 credit hours from a regionally accredited institution. Even with no prior coursework, the A.S. can be completed in as little as 18 months.

A two-year criminal justice degree will prepare the student for some law enforcement positions, paralegal work, security work and computer forensics. The online criminal justice degree option allows students the flexibility to complete coursework from anywhere there is Internet access. Focus areas in the A.S. in Criminal Justice degree include:

  • Criminal justice ethics
  • Criminal justice
  • Criminal courts
  • Corrections
  • Criminology
  • Juvenile justice

The benefits of an Associate Degree program in Criminal Justice are similar to those of the Bachelor’s Degree program except for the fact that a B.S. affords the student more opportunities in the criminal justice field than an Associate’s Degree.

Criminal Justice Certificate
Coursework for the Criminal Justice Certificate requires 12 core credit hours, which provide the student with the fundamentals of the criminal justice system; American juvenile justice; crime and criminal behavior; and policing. As with all CCU programs, faith is integrated with coursework, so students have the opportunity to explore critical issues that accompany a life in a criminal justice-related field: justice, free will, redemption and the nature of man. Students who complete the Criminal Justice Certificate may choose to further their education by pursing an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at a later time.

Colorado Christian University students learn both inside and outside the classroom on a daily basis. In addition to coursework, our students learn to trust the Holy Bible and share Christ’s love on their campus, in their community, and in their world. If you would like to change your life and the world in which you live, please contact CCU today to learn more about our new criminal justice degree programs.