Advantages of an Online College Degree

Thousands of students have graduated with degrees they received online at Colorado Christian University. Some people believe that getting a degree online just is not the same as actually attending classes, and while there may be some of the classroom experience you miss out on by attending classes online, there is still a great deal of interaction among students and instructors, and the coursework that you complete online is just as challenging as coursework you’d complete on campus.

Everything you need to complete your degree program successfully at CCU is available from your computer. You can log in any time, at your convenience, to view your instructors’ lectures and presentations, take part in discussions with your classmates, and turn in your assignments. An online education is not an isolated experience like many people believe. You collaborate with classmates and instructors through group discussions, e-mail, sharing documents, and you’ll experience that sense of “community” just as you would if you were on campus. Online degree programs are perfect for working students or students who have families whose responsibilities may not allow them to attend classes on campus every day or even just a few times a week.

Taking classes online also allows you to pay per course, making it easy to earn your degree at  pace you can afford, and because you are working from home, you will not have many of the expenses traditional students due such as room and board expenses. You need to not spend money on gas commuting to and from campus, and you can complete your coursework based on your own schedule. Working professionals and busy parents can earn degrees while also attending to their everyday lives. You can study whenever it’s most convenient for you, in the evening, on weekends, during breaks at work.

CCU online programs teach you to think critically and creatively while staying true to religious/spiritual beliefs. Acquiring a college degree may afford you the opportunity to advance in your career, which may mean a high salary and/or promotion.

To learn more about online degree programs at Colorado Christian University, please view our online degree programs page.