Criminal Justice Scholarships Available

If you are considering pursuing a criminal justice degree, the cost of higher education may concern you, but there are a great deal of criminal justice degree scholarships and other forms of financial aid that will make your dream of being a criminal justice major more of a reality. The very first step in applying for any type of financial assistance is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can find this form online or speak to a representative from the financial aid office at Colorado Christian University. If a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is not what you want at this time, CCU also offers an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice (A.S.) and a Criminal Justice certificate, which denotes 12 credit hours of concentrated study in the field of criminal justice. A certificate program provides students with accredited college credits that can be used to complete a bachelor’s degree at a later date.

Here are criminal justice scholarships and awards currently being offered: Undergraduate Award: This is a $500 academic award given to one student each year who is pursuing a criminal justice-related degree. The winner is chosen based on academic history and extracurricular activities; the deadline to apply is April 1 of each year. Financial need is not considered for this criminal justice scholarship, and the winner will be notified following the deadline. The award will be sent to the address on your application. Eligibility requirements are that you must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident; you must be enrolled or accepted in an accredited college or university; you must have a minimum of 30 semester (or 45 quarter) hours still to be completed; and you must agree to be photographed and quoted on the site if you win.

Distance Learning Award for Grad Students: This $500 scholarship, also from, is a distance learning scholarship for anyone pursuing a master’s degree online. Again, the deadline for application is April 1 of each year. Financial need will not be considered, and selection is based on academic performance and extracurricular activities. Eligibility requirements for this scholarship are the same as for the education-portal undergraduate award.

StraightForward Media’s Law Enforcement Scholarships: Every three months, a $500 scholarship is awarded to students pursuing careers in law enforcement, corrections, and other criminal justice-related fields. Applications may be submitted at various times throughout the year.

Department of Homeland Security Undergraduate Scholarship: The DHS offers money to undergrads pursuing a degree in homeland security. The DHS scholarship offers $1,000 a month for nine months and an additional $5,000 to be used toward a ten-week internship. Each fall, new competition cycles for this prestigious scholarship are announced.

Career Exploration Scholarships: This organization offers many law enforcement scholarships.  View their options and apply for the chance to win $500- $2,500 towards your education.

ACJS Scholarships: The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences awards several scholarships each year to criminal justice students; award amounts and deadlines vary for each program. Applications are received in the fall of each year.

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund: The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund hosts an annual writing contest for senior (grades 10-12) and junior (grades 9 and below) students in need of financial assistance. U.S. savings bonds are awarded to winners in both categories. First prize is $1,000; second prize is $600; and third prize is $200. An honorable mention award of $100 is also given. December 1st is the application deadline each year.

Recession Relief Scholarship: If you are struggling with debt, this scholarship may be perfect for you. The Recession Relief Scholarship is awarded four times each year to students who are struggling with credit card debt, loan debt, and other types of debt. To apply, you must write an essay explaining why you are in debt and how the scholarship will help you with your education; applications can be submitted online throughout the year.

With so many scholarships available, why put off your criminal justice degree any longer? Colorado Christian University is committed to providing an education that helps students grow and evolve intellectually, spiritually and professionally. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to become leaders in their communities, families, and the world.