Lead the Pack with a Project Management Degree

If you are currently employed in a business-related field and want to advance in your company, you may want to consider a Master of Business Administration degree from Colorado Christian University (CCU). An MBA focuses on managing and leading in the business world, and if you feel you are a natural leader in your spiritual life, then you probably are a great leader in your career. The MBA degree program at CCU, which thousands have received online without ever having stepped foot on campus, teaches students critical-thinking and decision-making skills and also explores the concept of “servant leadership” and how to incorporate the wisdom of the Lord into your career and leadership decisions.

One exciting aspect of the MBA program at CCU is that we offer our MBA students the opportunity to travel overseas to experience international business first-hand in a multi-cultural leadership course that has changed the lives of many CCU graduates. MBA students will choose one of three emphases: Project Management, Corporate Training or Information Security. Let’s discuss an MBA in Project Management today.

The Project Manager in You

Project Management can be a stressful position. If you are easily frazzled and don’t consider yourself much of a multi-tasker, an MBA in Project Management may not be for you. However, if you love the challenge of juggling multi-projects and short deadlines, and if you are able to handle last-minute requests/changes without blinking an eye, this just may be the degree for you. As you proceed through the Project Management degree coursework, you will find that academics and morals will be integrated in an effort to reinforce your ethical framework and encourage you to make decisions that will allow you to grow both as a business person and as a servant to our Lord.

Project Management courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Project Management for Business (MGT 520). Explores the strategic and teams.
  • Business Project Planning, Scheduling and Controlling (MGT 560). Provides students the necessary skills and tools to plan, monitor, analyze, and evaluate project performance and associated risks. Managing large-scale projects is covered here.
  • Strategic Leadership of Project Management in Business (MGT 610). Further explores the principles of strategic leadership and how to use project management concepts, tools and techniques to build a competitive advantage for your company.

If you are an adult student interested in an MBA in Project Management from CCU and are concerned about tuition, please read “Financial Aid for Adult Students” to get some ideas about paying for your education. If you would like to learn more about the MBA programs we have to offer, please contact the CCU admissions office today.