CCU Nursing Students Offer Aid to Costa Rican Children

This year’s CCU BSN Nursing Program capstone trip will be remembered by all who participated for decades to come. For five days, in mid-November, four BSN program students (and two of their spouses) visited three Christian daycare and education centers for impoverished and orphaned children in Roblealto—near San Jose, Costa Rica. CCU’s Dr. Barbara White and her husband, John, and four licensed RNs working on their BSN—Josephine Vigil, Laurie Brockelman, Melody Donnel and Vicki Cole-Petch—traveled  to Roblealto from New Mexico for this life-changing opportunity to help young children in need.

When the CCU nursing team arrived in Roblealto, they were provided an overview of Roblealto’s ministry to the needy children and families of Costa Rica. The hosts and visiting nurses discussed what led them to this mission and planned out what they would like to accomplish during their time with the children in Roblealto.

The CCU nurses assisted Roblealto nurses in giving the children physical exams and tending to any physical ailments they may have been suffering from at the time. Husbands Michael Vigil and Chuck Petch speak Spanish fluently, which allowed the nurses to be able to communicate more effectively with the children and the Roblealto nurses through their translations.

Helpful Nurses, Healthy Children

The children were extremely receptive to the attention they were provided and got very attached to the CCU team during their short stay in Roblealto. The nurses and children shared meals together (with the CCU nurses enjoying home-cooked Costa Rican food very much!), and when the time to leave the loving youngsters of Roblealto arrived, there were emotional goodbyes. In fact, some of the CCU nurses got so attached to the children, they are now sponsoring youngsters they worked with by sending care packages to support the kids, staff and schools.

The final exciting part of the trip was a visit to Clinica Biblica, a Christian hospital led by Chaplain Esthela Cevallos and retired nurse Verna Breneman. For over five decades, these women have been working at the hospital caring for children in need of medical attention. Treatment at Clinica Biblica is exemplary and far less expensive than American medical care. Costa Rica is a very popular destination for medical tourists seeking excellent medical care at an affordable price.

CCU nursing programs do much more than simply prepare you for a career as a health professional; our nurses experience the true meaning of Christian service and Christian Leadership by traveling thousands of miles to help others in need. CCU is also known for an exceptional online nursing program for RN’s seeking a bachelor’s degree. Read about the RN-BSN online nursing program at CCU today.

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