Advantages of Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs are very popular with adult students who are balancing careers and families and want to add obtaining a college degree to their long list of accomplishments. Whether you are interested in pursuing a college degree to advance in your career, begin a career or just because you have always wanted to study a particular area such as nursing or criminal justice, you should know that thousands of adults have earned online degrees from Colorado Christian University without ever having stepped foot on campus. The advantages of online degree programs for adult students are numerous, and after thinking about pros and cons of pursuing an online degree, we think you’ll find that the advantages of an online degree program far outweigh the disadvantages.

One advantage to online degree programs is that the number of degrees now offered online from CCU has increased greatly over the years. Online degree programs offered at CCU include bachelor’s and master’s degrees in everything from Accounting to Psychology. CCU also offers online associate’s degree programs and certificate programs including criminal justice, accounting, project management, ethics and Biblical studies.

Online degree programs usually cost less than attending courses on campus. Once you factor in the cost of commuting to and from campus, time missed from work for classes on campus, cost of textbooks (which are often not necessary with online courses), and even other costs such as daycare for your children so you can attend classes on campus, many adult students find that an advantage of online degree programs is that they are less costly than on-campus degrees.

Making your own study schedule is a huge advantage of online degree programs If you have a full or part-time job, children at home, or any other responsibilities that would make it difficult for you to attend classes regularly on campus, by taking classes online, you can create your own study schedule based on what’s going on in your life. Creating your own study schedule based on your other responsibilities allows you to choose when to do your coursework, spend time with family and complete work responsibilities, too.

To learn more about the various online degree programs at CCU and to begin the enrollment process, please visit our CCU Admissions Office page today for more information.



    I am very interested in your on line certificate program. I have been praying for the Lord to open doors to the path he wants me take and I heard about your program on KLOVE.

    I continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance in my choice with your program.

    Thank you.