Benefits of Traditional and Christian Counseling Degrees

Colorado Christian University offers many degree programs for adults returning to school, and if you know you want to pursue a college degree (or get an advanced degree such as a Master’s), you may be wondering how the degree will benefit your life both spiritually and professionally. The benefits to any college education are endless, but when you pursue a degree in a field such as counseling, which is dedicated to helping others and enriching their lives, the benefits are numerous and can be life changing. As a Christian counselor, you can help people see their lives in a more positive light and teach them the tools necessary to live their life in a way that will make themselves and God proud.

A Christian counseling degree opens many doors of opportunity. Some adults who enroll in a counseling program at CCU are already involved in a Christian counseling ministry and want to receive a formal education and required certification to counsel others in a private practice or hospital setting. Regardless of where you begin your career as a licensed counselor, you will enjoy the benefits that go along with this admirable career choice.

Not everyone has the skills and personality characteristics necessary to be an effective counselor, but if you do, then you should consider sharing your gifts with troubled adults and young people. There are millions of Americans in counseling at any given time, and in tough economic times or when tragedy strikes, many people suffering a crisis of faith and depression will seek out a counselor’s help to teach them coping skills and how to make necessary changes to improve their life.

A Christian counselor is someone who combines Christian beliefs with their work in order to counsel people about their personal, social, academic or professional problems. Many Christian counselors earn the same amount of money as traditional counselors, but there is a difference in the method of counseling. Christian counselors are strong, faith-based people already part of a ministry and will incorporate the word of God into counseling sessions.

A person who obtains their Christian counseling degree does not necessarily have to offer all of their counseling as a faith-based session and may counsel in a secular setting. However, most people who obtain their Christian counseling degree will want to incorporate God’s word in their counseling in some manner. Christian counselors sometimes work for non-profit organizations and for churches.

Christian and traditional counselors are in high demand right now, and because the health care industry is hiring more counselors than ever before, job-finding upon graduation may not be as difficult as it would be in other fields.

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    I agree with you. We should know that what experience the counselor has in dealing with your specific issue.