CCU Extends Military Tuition Assistance Program in 2012

The faculty and staff at Colorado Christian University know the value of higher education and understand that many, if not most, students require some type of financial assistance to attend a good college or university. If you do not require financial assistance, you are fortunate and in the minority. Because most CCU students do require some type of financial assistance—either full or partial—we are proud to offer various military tuition assistance programs to help make higher education more affordable for our students.

CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers reduced tuition for active duty undergraduate military (for instance, $250.00 per credit hour) and their dependents. CCU is extending the military tuition assistance program to include members of the Reserve, the National Guard and their adult dependents effective January 1, 2012.

More so than ever before, the brave men and women who choose to serve our country and protect our freedom can pursue an undergraduate education that is not only affordable but one of the best in the nation. For a thorough explanation of the educational benefits afforded to military service members, veterans and their dependents, please read our Web page entitled, “Military Service Members and Veterans Educational Benefits.” Here, you will learn all about the academic programs online and on campus that CCU offers military service members and their adult dependents. CCU works collaboratively with the education specialists at these military bases in Colorado and Wyoming:
• Buckley AFB (CO)
• FE Warren AFB (WY)
• Fort Carson (CO)
• Peterson AFB (CO)
• Schriever AFB (CO)
• United States Air Force Academy (CO)

If you have questions about CCU’s special military tuition assistance for active military members and dependents, we think you’ll find most of your answers on our website. If you do not find the answer to a question you have about this CCU military tuition assistance program for our hard-working military men and women, please contact the CCU Admissions Information page for more information.