Traveling Nursing Jobs: See the World and Help Others

The job of a travel nurse (sometimes referred to as a traveling nurse) is becoming more and more popular; travel nurses sometimes receiver better benefits than full-time nurses in permanent positions. Traveling nursing jobs are paid by the nursing agency that hires them.

A travel nurse is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time and typically work 13-week periods in one area and move around the country depending on where they are needed. Because the demand for nurses is so high, there are often shortages in certain areas, and a traveling nursing will be hired to come in and work in a specific position for a certain amount of time.

Travel nursing assignments can range from 4 to 26 weeks in length and offer a variety of different specialties so you can choose between several jobs in a variety of areas lasting for different lengths of time. This allows traveling nurses the freedom to choose where and when they work. The freedom to choose where and when you work is a great benefit that allows travel nurses the ability to take time off when they want. You are able to make money from wherever you like and are able to change locations and assignments regularly. With a travel nursing job, you also have the ability to vacation where you work and explore new cities and parts of the country or world when you are not working. You may discover a city or part of the country you want to remain permanently while on a travel nursing assignment.

Often times the cost of travel and living arrangements are included in the job, so you don’t need to worry about paying for rent. These perks are a great way to save money and focus on working and enjoying the city in which you are working. If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy traveling to new places, you may be the perfect fit for a travel nursing position.

If you are interested in traveling nursing jobs, you can enroll in a nursing degree program at Colorado Christian University.


  • I have been traveling for 3 years now and I LOVE it. My husband and I left our home in Ohio and have been coast to coast several times since. My husband started a website about our journey and another website to help travelers find jobs. He also works on eLance building websites. And we have two dogs and now our 1 year old son who travel with us. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for adventure it is definitely something to look into.