CCU MBA Information Security Program Gets National Attention

Information security is a rapidly growing field because in this world of ever-evolving technology, companies must protect themselves from hackers, thieves and other immoral, criminal minds looking to make a fast buck or benefit by breaching a company’s security. U.S. News & World Report recently published an article about the information security specialization of the MBA degree and how one man who pursued this program boosted his career and loves the excitement information security brings to his career. This man, Henry Bromley III, enrolled in James Madison University’s MBA program and was not even interested in information security at first. Now, he is a senior information security engineer for defense industry clients and an expert in the field of information security.

In the U.S. News & World Report article, Colorado Christian University is mentioned as one of the schools “carving out niche business degrees in information security…by pairing in-person business courses with online information security classes from the University of Fairfax in Virginia.”

The career opportunities for an MBA in Information Security abound in government agencies, large companies and financial institutions, and consulting firms that must protect their constituents and their trade secrets. If you have an IT background with substantial experience in computer systems, this program may be perfect for you. Military and law enforcement professionals with technical skills and a great deal of IT knowledge may also be interested in this degree program.

CCU’s Master of Business Administration students take their core business administration courses through CCU, and these courses may be taken in-person one evening per week or online, allowing for great flexibility. As mentioned above, the Information Security courses are available online through the University of Fairfax, and those credits can be transferred following certain guidelines that can be reviewed on the CCU-Fairfax Articulation Agreement.

The MBA Information Security degree has five emphases:

  • Information Security Analysis
  • Information Security Auditing
  • Information Security Engineering
  • Information Security for the Enterprise
  • Information System Certification

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