Christian Leadership in the Business World

Cathy Horton, a highly successful Christian businesswoman, frequently writes articles and blog posts about Christian business leaders and how to succeed in the business world while keeping to your Christian faith. While many of her writings focus on women in the business world, her suggestions and beliefs can be applied and used by all Christian business leaders, regardless of age, gender or level of experience. Christian business leaders are held to high moral, social and ethical standards as they should be. As a matter of fact, all employees and employers should be held to high standards in these areas, but it seems like Christian business leaders are expected set the bar, so to speak. Here are some suggestions from Ms. Horton for Christian business leaders:

  • Take inventory of everything in your life and discover any aspect of your current situation that would stand up to public scrutiny. Eliminate anything in your life that would tarnish your reputation or hurt your image of a role model of Christian leadership.
  • Make honest, ethical and moral decisions as you go about your job. There is no way you can lead others if your decisions are not fair and honest.
  • Christian business leaders must tell the truth–no matter what the situation is. If you tell half-truths or embellish the truth, people you work with and your subordinates will begin to wonder if anything you say is truthful.
  • Learn as much as you can about what your employees do. Employees want their managers to know what they do day in and day out. Get in the trenches and show your employees you care about what they do and value their performance and contribution to the company. An added benefit fully understanding what your employees do is that when the time comes to make decisions about how to improve the company’s inner workings, you will have an in-depth understanding of what your employees do.
  • Follow the Golden Rule at all times by doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you. If you expect your employees to be on time for work, then don’t be late. If your employees cannot leave early without permission, then you should make sure you don’t do that. Lead by example, and your employees will respect you more.
  • Christian business leaders know how to delegate but also know how to take on their fair share of the work.
  • Evaluate your own performance and set goals for yourself.
  • Maintain full responsibility for your actions and do not become vulnerable to pride.

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