Scholarships for Adult Students

Many adult students returning to college or beginning a college degree for the first time do not realize how many scholarships for adult students there are available online. By doing some intensive research on the Internet, adult students can find many scholarship opportunities to help with tuition and other expenses related to going back to school. The Colorado Christian University financial aid office provides information to prospective students regarding various scholarships, awards, grants and loans, and occasionally, you will find information about specific scholarships for adult students. The CCU blog has information about Criminal Justice scholarships available, scholarships specifically for women, and even little-known nursing grants and scholarships.

There is no doubt that attending college requires financial assistance for most, especially in tough economic times. For those who are currently in the workforce or raising a family (or both), and are  considering returning to college in order to improve their chances of upward mobility career-wise or simply to pursue their dream job, scholarships for adult students may be the only way to pay for your education. Adult students face unique challenges that students fresh out of high school often do not. Adult students typically have more bills and often have families to support while trying to pay for higher education. Adult students in the workforce may actually make too much money to qualify for need-based federal student financial aid. All of these factors make scholarships for adult students a very appealing option for financing a college degree.

Your current employer may even pay part of your tuition, especially if your degree is related to the company’s line of work, and you agree to continue on with the company once you have earned your degree. To find adult scholarship opportunities, you can do a free scholarship search on and quickly and easily get a list of scholarship awards that apply to your situation. With all the challenges that going back to school presents, adding a scholarship search to the list may seem stressful, but if you find a scholarship that applies to your situation, it will be well worth the effort.

The staff at CCU will do everything in its power to help you find scholarships for adult students. Please contact the CCU Admissions and Financial Aid Office for information and check back to the CCU blog for more scholarship information for adult students.