What is a Criminal Justice Certificate?

Certificate programs in higher education are gaining popularity across the United States because today’s workplace is ever-changing and employers are looking for workers who have invested time in improving their skill sets. Certificate programs provide you expertise in a certain area, which makes you more marketable in the workforce and sometimes a higher salary is offered to certificate holders. Colorado Christian University is proud to offer several certificate programs including accounting, Biblical studies, entrepreneurship and most recently, criminal justice. But what, exactly, is a criminal justice certificate and what does it allow you to do once you’ve completed the undergraduate criminal justice certificate program?

The CCU criminal justice certificate provides you with the basics of the United States criminal justice system including juvenile crime, criminal behavior and policing. You can take courses on campus or online, which is very convenient if you work full-time or are a full-time parent at home. You can enroll in the program by itself or along with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice or the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Program. While a certificate alone may not get you the best paying job in the criminal justice field, as a supplement to another degree, it can set you apart from the rest. If you already work in criminal justice and want to specialize in a certain area, a certificate is an effective way to establish your credentials. You don’t even have to work in criminal justice to benefit from having the certificate. If you work in the corporate world, information technology, education, or social services, this added credential can open some career doors for you. Employers value the added area of expertise as well as the effort you put forth to earn the certificate.