Why Get a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice?

Are you thinking about getting a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice? If so, Colorado Christian University has an excellent criminal justice degree program where you can build a strong foundation of knowledge and application in the field of criminal justice. Our experienced, knowledgeable criminal justice faculty can provide real-world scenarios as they have been in the criminal justice field themselves. Criminal justice courses are taught from a Christian worldview, so you will study courses related to crime and justice but will explore topics such as free will, right vs. wrong and human nature. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice can be the start of a very rewarding, exciting career in the law enforcement arena. A bachelor in criminal justice will prepare you for a number of jobs including law enforcement, security, criminal courts, homeland security, drug enforcement and corrections.

A Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice will be strong in the areas of math, social science, biology and psychology. You will study crime control methods and the various institutions associated with the criminal justice system. An exploration into the violent criminal mind will help to give you an understanding of what drives criminals to do what they do. Once you get your B.S. in Criminal Justice, you can apply for many entry level CJ jobs. Entry level jobs in criminal justice usually begin in the range of $35,000-40,000, and most jobs have opportunities for career advancement and raises. The criminal justice job outlook is very good and because the demand is so high, the salaries will be higher.

If you are concerned that you may not be able to pay for your college education, you should know there are criminal justice scholarship opportunities you can avail yourself of to help with tuition and related fees. A number of the criminal justice professional associations offer scholarships for undergraduates at the national, regional and chapter levels. Look for organizations associated with your specific field of study if you have already narrowed your interests. Please contact the CCU Admissions or Financial Aid Office t learn more about the criminal justice program at CCU.