Christian College Scholarships for Adult Students

If you practice Christianity under any denomination or movement, you should know there are a number of scholarship opportunities out there for Christian college-bound students, both specific to a denomination and more generally for Christian adults going to college and who are seeking adult scholarship opportunities. CCU knows the value of a Christian education, but we also understand that pursuing a degree is not inexpensive. For that reason, our faculty and staff do everything in their power to help prospective and current students find scholarship opportunities. You would be amazed at how much award money for college tuition and related expenses goes unclaimed each year.

Yes, applying for Christian college scholarships may seem a daunting task, and you may feel you simply don’t have time to fill out all that paperwork, write an essay (which is required for some), and gather up all the necessary forms to complete your application. We can assure you that the time and effort you put into applying for scholarships will pay off in dividends once that money is awarded to you. If money is the only thing holding you back from pursuing your dream of a college degree, start looking online today, and you will find Christian college scholarships that you can apply for right now for next semester.

Whether you’re looking to pursue Biblical studies, come from a missionary background, want to enter into a seminary school, or are simply someone who identifies yourself as a Christian and wants to pursue a criminal justice degree, make sure you perform a thorough search of Christian college scholarships available, as a number of private organizations and foundations have funding earmarked to help you cover your Christian college costs. A good resource may also be the church or faith-based organization you belong to, or contacting the Admissions and Financial Aid Office at CCU. We have a great deal of information regarding scholarships and other forms of financial assistance, and occasionally, the CCU blog will have announcements regarding Christian college scholarships or adult scholarships. We have even posted blogs about specific criminal justice scholarships and little-known nursing scholarships.

First, look at our CCU Scholarships & Grants page, where you will see a number of scholarships offered, their requirements, and deadline for application. The CCU School of Music offers its own scholarships, so be sure to view those opportunities, also. CCU even offers athletic scholarships; you have to speak to the coach of the sport you play or contact the Financial Aid Office at CCU for more information about athletic scholarships.

The Faith and Education Scholarship is one you may want to apply for; here is a brief overview of the requirements: $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to an applicant demonstrating church and/or community involvement, academic achievement and financial need. Applicants must be members of the Church of Christ and be a full-time undergraduate at a four-year liberal arts university for the coming school year. More details about this Christian college scholarship can be found on the Faith and Education website.