Christian Teaching Jobs: Integrate Faith in Education

Christian teaching jobs allow you to integrate your faith into educating others, giving you the chance to share your love of Jesus Christ with young people who may need spiritual guidance and leadership. Teachers who want to pursue a career in as a teacher in a Christian school face unique challenges that public school teachers do not.  One of the main challenges is to satisfy increasingly rigorous state and national teacher education standards and to integrate your faith into your curriculum while meeting all the demands of the county and state school system.

One wonderful aspect of teaching in a Christian school is that God’s word is taught. As students pursue Math and English in a Christian setting, they’re chasing after the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. God expects you, as a Christian school teacher, to plant His word in the hearts and minds of the students you teach. An education that uses God’s word as its foundation produces spiritually-mature Christian students and them wiser and more knowledgeable than students who may not have God’s word integrated into their education.

Christian teaching jobs allow you to discipline students when necessary. It seems that in many public schools, any type of discipline is questioned and deemed threatening or harmful in some way, but there are safe ways to discipline children so that the message is made clear that whatever they were doing is unacceptable. By entrusting children to Christian educators who share their values, Christian parents will have more time for enjoyable aspects of life, and they will be able to get to know their children on a deeper level as all their time will not be spent reprimanding their children for the behavior at school.

In addition to physical well-being (safety), Christian teaching jobs offer a much safer spiritual and emotional environment for learners and teachers. Verbal insults and bullying are less likely to be tolerated in Christian schools. Many Christian teaching jobs pay less money than public school teaching jobs, so you know your Christian educators are there because they truly care about the Christian education of their students.

Christian teaching jobs allow educators to bring Christ into the classroom.

Colorado Christian University offers a number of teacher education programs including:

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