Why Get an Online Business Administration Degree?

Choosing which online degree to pursue is a big decision that requires a lot of thought. After all, you are going to invest a great deal of time, money and energy into earning any college degree, so, of course, you want to choose the one that is right for you and your career aspirations. An online business administration degree (MBA) affords the graduate the ability to choose from a number of different careers. For example, someone with a degree in physical therapy is really very limited in his/her career choices, while someone who earns an online business administration degree can consider numerous positions upon graduation including jobs in the fields of finance, management, sales, teaching, marketing, project management, account management and so many more.

An online business administration degree allows you to set your own schedule and work when you are best able to focus. If you are unable to physically attend courses on campus, online degree programs are the sensible choice. It does, however, take a great deal of discipline to be able to set a work schedule and stick to it. But with an online education, you are afforded the same rights and privileges that on-campus students get such as the ability to ask questions of your instructor, participate in discussions, access assignments and utilize course supplements, etc.

An online business administration degree provides the student with a broad learning base that includes courses in accounting, statistics, management, information systems, finance, human resources, risk management and many more. An MBA program is a well-rounded education that allows you to purse many career options. The MBA graduate can interview for many more positions than other graduates, therefore providing a greater chance of getting upon graduation.

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  • Kjirsten Wright

    I am very excited about this degree. I am two classes in and it has been a great experience thus far. I agree that it is important to diversify yourself through education. The solid foundation that is build through CCU’s MBA program is one that will allow students the ability to widen their horizon and achieve their dreams. This program is a busy one and CCU has just launched a mentoring program to assist students in balancing their busy adult lives.

    There is a wealth of knowledge from the instructors who teach the courses, but my favorite aspect is the learning that takes place from other adult students in your courses. This makes for great discussion and relation through experience, both professionally and in life.