New College Graduates Jobs Forecast Improving

If you are approaching your graduation date, you may be a bit concerned about all the news stories about the state of the Union–the unemployment rate, the recession, the number of home foreclosures, and the poverty rate, just to name a few of the disconcerting topics of national concern. While it may seem like the only news you hear these days is bad news, college graduates’ job outlook is actually promising for the coming years. According to an article in the Baltimore Business Journal, the good news for college students is that employers are looking to hire 10.2% more new college graduates in 2012 than in 2011.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers provided the above statistic and claims that this is an indication of an improving economy. The NACE is also projecting hiring increases for the second straight year. Companies are posting an average of eleven more jobs this year than in 2011. This is much improved from the dismal employment situation of 2010, the year that saw only 25% of job applicants actually securing a position. That means that 75% of people applying for jobs were not successful. What will the employment situation be like for new college graduates? Jobs, it seems, are out there for the taking, but will this promising job forecast be long lasting? Let’s take a look at some other sources to see if this trend will continue for new college graduates.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, just a few months ago, reported that the “job outlook for college students is expected to improve…this academic year…the second year in a row that the hiring of new graduates is predicted to increase, following drops of 35% to 40% in 2008.” According to the article, bachelor’s degree students will be the most hired demographic with a 7% increase in job availability. This trend IS expected to continue, according to Phil Gardner, Director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Why? Baby boomers are retiring, people are leaving jobs for various reasons, and employers are requiring new skill sets.

In a study of 3,300 employers, over 40% claimed they’d be hiring college graduates from all fields of study. The industries that are the most “needy” for applicants to fill positions include: accounting, finance, marketing, advertising and public relations. But the most employable degree, according to employers, is computer science. Not surprising at all. According to the study, the computer science field will have more available positions than qualified graduates! There is one down-side to this good news for college graduates. Jobs may be aplenty but the money for higher salaries is not. Employers surveyed claimed they would not be offering higher salaries to new employees.

Even with an improved job outlook for college graduates, jobs will not be obtained with ease. When you graduate and start pounding the pavement looking for a job, you will have fierce competition. Connection with community members, alumni, and hiring staff organizations will be crucial when it comes to finding a job.

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