What are CLEP and DSST Exams?

Colorado Christian University faculty and staff encourage adult students to seek out ways to help you through your bachelor’s degree programs. For instance, testing for credit through the CLEP (College Level Exam Program) and DSST (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) is one quick and economical way to gather credits for general education and elective hours that can be put toward your bachelor’s degree. At CCU, up to 45 semester hours of credit by examination and up to 30 semester hours toward an associate’s degree will be accepted.

 Benefits of Testing for Credit

Whether you’re a nursing major, in the business program or a future educator, testing for credit is something CCU advocates because of the numerous benefits of tests such as CLEP and DSST. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of testing for credit:

  • No age limitation
  • Saves money and time
  • Allows you to skip introductory courses and begin with advanced courses
  • Helps you to graduate on time or early
  • Testing results show your knowledge in certain subjects
  • Great idea for double degree candidates
  • CLEP is free for military personnel

CLEP testing is simply an opportunity for you to show what you’ve learned in school and in life. Completing a CLEP study will earn you credits. There are even CLEP (and DSST) study guides to help you. Some students have skipped a year or more of college by testing for credit. There are a total of 33 CLEP examinations ranging from American Literature to Principles of Marketing.

DSST exams were used by the Department of Defense so military personnel could earn college credits, but now the exams are available to all students as multiple choice questions. There are 38 subject-level exams in a variety of disciplines; the exams cover upper and lower-level bachelor’s degree courses.

CLEP and DSST exams (90 minutes and 120 minutes, respectively) do not affect GPA and only count toward general education and elective hours. If you fail a CLEP or DSST exam, you may take it again in six months. A maximum of 45 hours of testing credit will be accepted by CCU.

To learn more about testing for credit, please visit the CCU Adult Degree Completion Admissions page or contact CCU.

  • Mike Loberg

    Hi, I would like to take a CLEP test at your Loveland facility, but I am unable to see your schedule on this website. Can you please send me information and a contact for this process? Thanks in advance. Mike